147.8 Still Sick But Wanted this Dress

My husband received some birthday money yesterday from his parents and nicely asked me if there was anything I wanted him to get me for my upcoming birthday. I suddenly realized that I really wanted this dress that I had seen at Costco. I knew they only had one or two in size 8, and they would be all gone soon.

My husband had to work swing shift yesterday, so he would be asleep when Costco opened at 10. I know it was wrong to expose all the Costco employees and customers to my chest cold. I was in and out of there as fast as I could go. I only coughed twice, and both times I covered my mouth.

I do feel much better. My voice is almost back to normal. No more sneezing or sinus headache. Almost no runny nose or coughing. Just a little chest congestion. I am staying home today, but I plan on fulfilling a substitute teaching assignment tomorrow. This guy's classes are reading Romeo and Juliet, and he specifically requested me ahead of time because I majored in English.

For exercise yesterday, I shopped at Costco and I did four sets of arm workouts on the Total Gym. My arms feel better today for it. I gained 3.6 pounds yesterday though. That is the biggest gain I have ever seen. Here's hoping it is mostly water retention from eating too much salt. Here is what I ate yesterday:

Cup of chili dip and a cup of corn tortilla chips
Half a Costco combo pizza
Small green apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips


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