145.4 Nanny Dog Pack Behavior

Both our dogs are neutered males. We humans are the alpha male and female in our family. Both dogs are helpers in our pack. We rescued the brown dog on the left from the pound first.

When we got the black dog on the right from the pound, I thought he was a puppy. He didn't have any rear teeth. Later, I found out he was just a bird dog, bred not to grow any rear teeth.

I thought the black dog would need training in how to be a dog, so I told the brown dog to watch while I groomed the black dog. Ever since then, the brown dog has groomed the black dog. Like it's his job. He is happy to do it, and the black dog is happy to be groomed.

Also, the brown dog was far past teething when the black dog joined our pack. So, the brown dog started grooming his teething toys! He would carry them around in his mouth, set them down, and give them baths.

My sister has a coffee table book on wolf behavior that explains dog pack behavior. The alpha female in the  pack picks one of the helper wolves in the pack to be her nanny and raise her pups for her. The nanny can be a male or a female. My poor dog is preparing himself for when I have pups for him to raise. He will be preparing forever.

I gained .4 pounds yesterday because I ate like a pig! I substitute taught in single survival class, and they got to eat the chicken pot pies they made earlier in the week. The pies were good, and I ate about half of one all by myself! I walked with the walking class for 30 minutes and later with my dogs in the park half a mile. Here is everything I ate yesterday:

Fuji apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Raw baby carrots with 2 tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip
2 small red velvet cupcakes
Half a chicken pot pie
Handful of peanut M&Ms
Handful of corn tortilla chips


  1. Hello Cherise, good job teaching your dog how to groom the other one, that is too cute! I love it. I have a part poodle part maltese which is the son of my mom's late dog, he is the sweetest dog and really listens to me, it is amazing to me... but, he is very protective of the pack. E/time we take him for a walk he seems like he is going to have a heart attack when people are approaching.(poor thing :)). Please share more about substituting, I would love to hear about it, and how to get started too.( I have an associate, never finished my bachelor)btw...thanks for sharing your life with us readers, It is fun reading your blogs. Patty from FL

  2. Thank you, Patty. :)

    It's never too late to finish your bachelor's degree, you know! To get started substitute teaching, visit your local school district's website and follow their substitute application procedures.


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