147.4 Glamour at 30 or Fitness at 48?

If you are reading this and you have not yet embraced an active lifestyle full of fun exercise that you enjoy -- you are missing out! I know how it is, believe me, I have been there. When you are fat, it hurts to walk: your ankles buckle in pain under your weight. Follow my mom's sage advice, though. Lose the weight NOW, while you still CAN exercise.

I promise, after 3 weeks of walking every day, you will start to like walking and look forward to your daily walk. If my mom and my mother in law had not promised me that, I never would have gotten fit. I am so grateful to be free of the slavery to all that fat and all those atrophied muscles that I just have to share this freedom with you!

An added bonus is that you will LOOK better! All the make up and clothing in the world can't make you as beautiful as exercise will. In the photo on top at left, I was skinny, but I had done that by smoking instead of eating, not with exercise. I was 30 and a size 8, but I don't think I looked as good as I do now at 48 and a size 8.

Exercise does not have to cost you a dime, either. It is fun and social to join a gym and take classes with other people or to swim at the community pool or take water aerobics, yes. But, you can just put on some walking shoes and step outside your front door. I actually prefer walking, for my regular work out. I don't have to schedule it or drive anywhere or pay any money.

Save all that money you spend on cosmetics and use it to buy used clothes in smaller and smaller sizes as you exercise, watch what you eat, and slim down. That is the best gift you will ever give yourself.

I walked a mile yesterday, ate a bunch of pizza and apple pie, and gained .8 pounds. I am still within my goal weight of 145 to 149.9. Here is everything I ate:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Half a leftover pizza from Wonderland Golf and Games
Fuji apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Hostess apple fruit pie


  1. Thanks for such an encouraging post! I have finally broken the 170 lbs. barrier just by watching what I eat and how much I eat. However, I really need to start exercising more. It's just really difficult to start when you have health conditions that produce more pain the more you move. But I'm more determined than ever to get fit again. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. You're welcome, Amanda, and you can do it! I am convinced that your doctor can recommend exercise you can do, even with your health conditions. The longer you wait to start, the more difficult it will be. Go for it!

  3. Walking is by far my favorite form of exercise. I have problems with my foot that makes walking painful if I do it too much, so I'm trying to alternate and do it every other day, and looking into footwear that will work better for me, but even with this problem, I still prefer walking and it is great that you can do it absolutely anywhere.

  4. I'd much rather take a walk than join a gym. My dogs feel the same way!

  5. Good post. You know my Martial Arts instructor says all the time to us that a habit takes 21 days to form. That's right on cue with your 3 weeks there. Kudos for the work you're doing.

  6. Great article, Cherise. As someone who has struggled, I am convinced the only way to sustainable weight loss is eat less and burn more. No pills or fad diets will work for the long haul.

  7. Thanks, you guys! Sorry to hear about your foot problem, Rebecca, but good for you that you walk anyway! My dogs agree, too, MA! Yeah, Caroline, my mother in law's trainer told her about the 21 days, and I translated it into 3 weeks. :) Yep Chuck, it has to be a lifestyle change. Do you know that I crave apples and strawberries now, instead of chips and cookies?


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