144.4 Long Hair Cut at Thickest Length

I am happy that I finally got my long hair cut at its thickest length, at all your recommendations. It does look much better! In this picture at the bottom I have just come from the salon. She styled it as she dried it. It is down smooth and looks great.

A few hours later, it started to float up as it does, because it is so fine and light. I used some mousse on the ends and kind of shaped it to curl under for the last inch or so. The mousse helped my hair not fly away so much.

This morning, it is back in a pony tail. Tomorrow morning I plan on washing it, drying it, and then using the mousse throughout my head, to see if that brings out my natural waves and gives my hair some texture.

I have almost grown out all the layers that are cut into my hair. Almost. There is still one more layer that is about half way down to the ends. I think this is a good length for my hair. Maybe I will even get it trimmed two or three times a year so it stays this length from now on, instead of waiting and getting it trimmed only once a year.

Surprisingly, Scott didn't fuss at all about how much I had cut off. I was sure he would lament how much was taken off. Nope. He just said, "OK, it's not too short." I had been hemming and hawing over this for nothing! "Yeah," I said, "It's still long, just neater."

I lost 1.2 pounds yesterday, and I have no idea how. I tripped over the dogs in the garage and my shin landed in the rim of a tub. I cut and bruised my shin through my jeans and had to ice it for an hour. I took it easy for the rest of the day and didn't walk. Here is what I ate and somehow lost 1.2 pounds anyway:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Beef and bean burrito with salsa
Cheeseburger on a bun with BBQ sauce
Fuji apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Handful of chocolate chips
Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk

Edited later to add this higher contrast photo of my new haircut, because of popular demand. :) In this newer photo, my hair is wet, just like it is in the top photo. I just got out of the shower, toweled it dry, put mousse in it, and scrunched it.

I am going to let my hair air dry, and we shall see if these waves stay in my hair and lend it their texture. I had my long hair layered for years because it is so fine that it either just kind of plasters itself to my head, or it all flies away in different directions.

Every time I go to a salon, they recommend "light" products that won't weigh my hair down. Hello? I need heavy products! My baby fine hair needs to be weighed down! I love the way it looks when it is wet, though. Like in this picture.


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