191, Lost .2 Pounds

I weigh 191 today. I lost .2 pounds yesterday. I walked my mile and I did not cheat on my diet, so this is stubborn weight that has not come off in quite some time. It needs to be loosened up before it comes off, but it will come off. That is how I see it, anyway!

I have seen this phenomenon discussed lots of places. They call it a weight loss plateau. I myself experienced two plateaus already, during this diet. The first plateau lasted three days and then I finally started to lose weight again. The second plateau only lasted one day and the next day I had lost weight again. I didn't change my diet or my exercise either time.

My diet yesterday:

Special K, strawberries, soy milk, black unsweetened coffee

Raw carrot sticks dipped in Parmesan spinach dip, Diet Coke

meatballs and the remainder of my pineapple habanero sauce (1 tablespoon), steamed broccoli, caffeine-free diet soda

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