Keep Trim Day 7 185.2

I weigh 185.2 today. I lost half a pound yesterday on keep trim eating! Thank you for suggesting warm water for between meals. I have been using herb tea, and water is cheaper! I don't get hunger pangs too often anymore. I have done my best to shrink my stomach and not to eat too much at one sitting so that my stomach stretches back. I do get hungry sometimes, though, and I will try warm water next time, so thanks.

We took the dogs to an area owned by the Bureau of Land Management, where people are allowed to set up targets and shoot. It was a week day, so no one was there shooting. We went around picking up all the brass that shooters leave. We must have collected $10 worth of brass, and then we found an unopened package of targets worth another $10. So that was our exercise for yesterday. Lots of stretching, too, bending and stooping. We were at it two full hours.

My formerly skinny black 36 x 30 jeans are gaping at my waist now. Another two pounds or so and the 34 x 30 pants I just got at Good Will should be comfortable to wear.

Here is what I ate yesterday and still managed to lose half a pound, even though I am just trying to keep off what I've already lost, these two keep trim weeks:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk, black unsweetened coffee

Half a dinner plate of pizza, 1 cup steamed carrot sticks, Diet Coke

Two hamburger patties, two tablespoons BBQ sauce, two cups steamed carrot sticks, caffeine-free diet soda

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