Walking Exercise Rules

194 today! Lost .8 pounds yesterday on keep-trim eating. I did walk my mile yesterday, briskly as usual. Thank you for sending me the US Government brochure on walking for fitness! I did find it useful. I was a bit amused that it said over and over again that people over 35 years of age should consult a doctor before starting to walk for exercise. 35? I could see 50, maybe, but 35 is a bit young to be worried about being too old to WALK!

Walking for exercise is so much a common sense item to me that I was also amused at how much detail the government presented in their "Walk to Keep Fit" brochure. They have people checking their pulse rates. I don't do that. I can tell when my pulse is optimal by my breathing requirements. I frequently got out of breath when we first started walking the dogs a mile every day. Now, my pulse speeds up a bit while I walk briskly, but it slows right down when I slow down, and I don't have difficult breathing requirements at all.

I do agree it is important to walk briskly, and not just stroll along. I strolled along for half an hour last Saturday on a break during my business trip, but gained too much weight that day. Usually, weight gain means I didn't exercise enough that day.

I am on day 8 out of 14 days of keep-trim eating, where my goal is to maintain my weight. Here is what I ate yesterday and still managed to lose .8 of a pound:

Small bowl of  Special K, organic soy milk and cut-up strawberries with black unsweetened coffee

8 ounces of Kirkland beef lasagna (from the frozen food section at Costco), half a cup of raw carrot sticks, 1 can of Diet Coke

Scrambled Eggs with Veggies, 20 ounces of Walmart Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

I couldn't find the sparkling lemonade on the grocery shelves at Walmart last night. I asked a sales associate and she went in the back and found a whole palette of it. She says the guys back there said there wasn't any place to put it on the floor because of the Halloween candy display. (It is usually in the candy aisle.) She asked me if it was really good or what. I explained it is calorie-free, all natural, good and cheap! She brought 4 bottles of the pink lemonade out for me. I asked if they could order the blueberry lemonade and they said they would see!

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