186.4 Keep Trim Day 1

I lost .8 pounds yesterday and weigh 186.4 today. This is the first day of another two-week keep trim eating period, when I am just keeping the weight off. Not trying to lose weight, just not to gain any.

I believe there are two reasons Dr Tarnower included these maintenance periods in his Scarsdale diet plan: 1) Keeping the weight off is often the weakest link in anyone's diet plan 2) We go into ketosis during the diet, and the common belief in the medical field is that we should only be in ketosis for brief periods of time, for the safety of our liver.

I confess, I didn't realize it was time to go back on keep trim eating until a few minutes ago! I just ate my usual breakfast, but the rest of my meals for today will be more interesting when you read them tomorrow.

I did walk my mile yesterday. Here is all I ate and still lost .8 pounds:

Small bowl of  Special K and organic soy milk, black unsweetened coffee

Diet Ham Salad, Diet Coke

1 pizza pastry appetizer sample at Costco (cheat, yum!)

7 Kirkland Italian style beef meatballs microwaved and squeezed with a paper towel to remove excess oil, 5 chunks of pineapple canned in juice, 1 cup steamed Brussels sprouts, caffeine-free diet soda

It is very tempting on keep trim eating to just eat what I would eat on the diet and add a small dessert to lunch and dinner. I cannot really see a reason not to do this. If you can, then please let me know in the comments.

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