Keep Trim Day 3, 34 x 30 Jeans

Today I weigh 186.4 again, so I am keeping the weight off. We did not walk our mile yesterday, though, and that is bad. It is getting dark so much earlier now. That is what is throwing us off. It was dark and raining hard last night when it occurred to us to walk. If it had just been dark, or just raining, I said I would have gone, but not both.

We have another dinner party to go to tonight, with a different couple. It is at 5pm, so we had better walk at 3pm!

I shopped at the Salvation Army and Goodwill thrift stores yesterday. I bought a pair of men's size 34 x 30 jeans in a tan color, a pair of men's size 34 x 30 khaki pants, a women's size large cable-knit sweater in light grey and a size medium wool-look dress from Talbout's in a dark grey with light grey speckles. I spent $20 and some change. The pants are a little tight, but men's pants fit me better than women's pants right now. They should do for me when I weigh 183 - 165.

I tried on women's pants. The 14s are too tight and the 16s are too loose. I saw some size 12 pants there that I really liked. I started to buy them, but I have limited space in my dresser and closets, so I made a rule that I can only buy clothes that I can actually get on me right now. Like I said, I got the medium dress on and the size 34 x 30 pants. They are just a little tight. I will wear my 36 x 30 pants a few weeks longer.

Here is what I ate yesterday and maintained my 186.4 from Thursday:

Usual breakfast: Special K, strawberries, soy milk, coffee black no sweetener

New lunch: half of a Costco meat calzone, marinara dip, Diet Coke (I put the whole calzone on my plate, but my stomach has shrunk. I could only eat half.)

One of my favorites for dinner: half a 12 ounce can of chili, half a cup of shredded cheese, a cup of corn chips to eat it with, caffeine-free diet soda

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