Day 10 of 14 Keep Trim Eating

My weight today is 185.4. I lost 1.2 pounds yesterday, taking it easy because I had gained .8 pounds the day before. I did walk my mile yesterday. Here is what I ate:

Small bowl of Special K and soy milk, black unsweetened coffee

Half a dinner plate of pizza, three bites of steamed butternut squash, Diet Coke

Half a dinner plate of mushrooms sauteed in the barest spray of Pam and sprinkled with no-salt seasoning, half a dinner plate of ham steak fried in the mushroom juice, caffeine-free diet soda

.6 ounce Almond Joy

I was really surprised to discover I didn't like the butternut squash. Scott didn't like it, either, and we threw it all out. I had cut up all the mushrooms for my usual veggie scrambled eggs recipe. I wanted some ham, though, not eggs. This was the first time I had eaten sauteed mushrooms on their own, without the flavor of onions. The ham made the mushrooms taste good.

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