Last Day of Keep Trim Eating this Round

I weigh 193 again today. My dress has been shipped to me! The prettiest St Patrick's Day dress ever was shipped on Oct 6. I should have it in a few days, and I will post a picture of it when I do. It is emerald green. The bodice is decorated with darker green embroidery. The hemline is scalloped like a disco dress, and every other panel is sheer green at the bottom. It is still conservative enough that I could substitute in it the week before St Patrick's (it's on a Saturday next year). Spokane has a parade the Saturday nearest March 17th, and next year we will know that in time to make plans and go!

I still have a bit of the cold, so I am still contagious, but I am feeling much better.

Scott went and got pizza yesterday, the good stuff from Papa John's. He got smallish ones. I ate half a dinner plate of pizza for dinner and still maintained my weight.

Lunch was half a 12 oz can of chili, half a cup of shredded cheese and a cup of corn chips to eat it with.

Breakfast was 1 cup Special K, 1 cup cut-up strawberries, 1 cup soy milk

I stick to diet drinks, unsweetened coffee or tea, or water. Sugary drinks have lots and lots of calories that Dr Tarnower warns against in his book about the Scarsdale Medical Diet. Juices sound healthy, but in reality he says they are among the worst things you can ingest. Half a cup of apple juice has the sugar of ten apples, according to Dr Tarnower.

Edited Later: Here is the photo of the dress. I ended up returning it because I slimmed down to size 8 and left size 12 in the dust!

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