Keep Trim Eating Day 13 of 14

I weigh 193 today. I lost .4 pounds on keep trim eating yesterday. I still have my cold, but it is getting better. I stayed indoors yesterday and drank lots of fluids. I ate the same as I did Monday and Tuesday. I could almost wish to have a cold all the time, if it means I lose .4 pounds a day without exercise. I did say almost.

I am on keep trim eating for today and tomorrow, and then it is back on the diet where I lose a pound a day if I stick to it and exercise daily. We got invited to a dinner party, and it falls during the time I am on the diet. I am debating if I should ask if they can change the date (it is just us and the couple hosting the party), or just go ahead and eat what they serve, but in moderation. I am tending toward just eating what they serve. They are both thin, so it should be healthy food.

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