Weight Loss Means No Clothes

I weigh 189.4 today! I lost 1.6 pounds yesterday! I have to admit, I am very surprised, but pleasantly so! I did walk yesterday, but only 2/3 of a mile and then my throat started to ache. I was afraid my cold was coming back, so I went inside. My throat stopped aching once I warmed up, so I guess it was just the cold that was making my throat ache. It was about 40 degrees F outside.

So there you have it. One day I am on a weight-loss plateau and only lose .2, but the next day I crush it and lose 1.6!

Here is my diet for yesterday:

Small bowl of Special K, cut-up strawberries and organic soy milk
7 Kirkland Italian-style meatballs microwaved in a small bowl and then squeezed with a paper towel to remove excess oil, 6 chunks of pineapple canned in juice, 1 cup steamed broccoli

My three pairs of black skinny jeans - men's design with waist 36 and inseam 30 - fit very comfortably now. There is a little slack in the waist and they bag up in the back under my hips. They don't feel binding at all when I sit in them. They are the only pants I have that don't look ridiculously baggy on me. I wore them to substitute teach all last week.

I can wear all my shirts and sweaters, of course. But all my skirted suits are way too big for me to wear now. Scott and I have discussed having my suit skirts altered, once I am at my target weight. In the meantime, I have these three pairs of black jeans for now. I can tell that in a month or so they will be too baggy. I will shop the thrift stores for some clothes in the interim sizes. I am not going to buy anything new until I am at my target weight.

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