Not as Good a Keep Trim Day

I weigh 187.2 today, a gain of .8 pounds from yesterday. Shoot. And we walked up into the hills yesterday for our mile, which is much more strenuous a walk than we usually take. Here is what I ate yesterday, and then I will give my analysis:

1 cup Special K, 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup strawberries, black unsweetened coffee

2/3 of a dinner plate of oven-baked frozen pizza, Diet Coke

6 ounces of canned chili, 1/2 cup shredded cheese, 1 cup corn chips, caffeine-free diet soda

The simple answer is I ate two non-diet meals, and it looks like I need to stick with only one non-diet meal per day. Another option would be to eat half each of the non-diet meals and half steamed vegetables. I will do better today. I have not decided yet if I will lose today what I gained yesterday, or just not gain anymore, but I will do better today.

As I said yesterday, most of us who struggle with weight have no idea how little our bodies really need to take in each day and just maintain our weight. Losing weight is almost the easy part; keeping the weight off is the hard part. I know I need to master keeping it off, and so I am glad Dr Tarnower interspersed these keep trim eating periods into his Scarsdale Medical Diet.

As others have said, on the one hand I wish he had been more specific sometimes, on what we are supposed to eat during keep trim eating. On the other hand we are more likely to retain the information on how little our bodies need us to eat just to maintain our weight without gaining if we figure it out for ourselves.

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